Project Description

DeMaria was hired by the Western Township Utility Authority to construct a new equalization basin and pump station, which was to be tied into the existing equalization basin pump station being used in Canton.  The basin provides added capacity to an adjacent south basin to equalize wastewater flows from the charter townships of Canton, Northville, and Plymouth.  The basin allows WTUA to have less capacity in their treatment contracts since the expansion stores the water when flows are higher than capacity until the flows have subsided. Then basins are emptied and the wastewater is sent to the treatment facility.

Highlights Includes:

  • Construction of a cast in place 5.5 million gallon equalization basin with earth covered top
  • New pump station with 3 horizontal centrifugal wastewater pumps
  • Replacement of 6 vertical centrifugal wastewater pumps in existing pump station
  • Odor control, screening and conveying equipment
  • Miscellaneous mechanical and electrical support systems

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $22,000,000

MARKET: Government



General Contracting