DeMaria Construction Management

Construction Management

Undertaking a construction project can be complex and challenging, with various intricacies unique to the vision driving that project. DeMaria offers construction management services specifically designed to cater to these challenges. Our project teams work proactively with clients, architects, engineers, tradespeople and suppliers to plan each project step. We follow a comprehensive approach emphasizing communication, transparency, and strategic decision-making, providing a solid foundation for success. 


Design-Build unifies vision and execution under one umbrella, ensuring swift decision-making, enhanced communication, and singular accountability. Our teams work together with the design team to transform ideas into reality. From concept to construction, we streamline the entire process, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency.  

General Contracting

As a trusted general contractor, our role extends beyond on-site execution to encompass comprehensive project management and effective communication. DeMaria provides a full spectrum of staff, including hiring tradespeople and ensuring a cohesive and efficient construction process. We bring expertise, reliability, and a proven track record to every project.