What Sets us Apart

A Team of Seasoned Professionals

Our pre-construction services boast a dedicated team of uniquely qualified construction professionals. From senior cost estimators to construction managers, project schedulers, safety management and quality control personnel, our experts bring a wealth of experience and backgrounds specific to the type of project and delivery in the planning stages. 

Holistic Planning for Success

We understand that success in the planning phase hinges on teamwork. DeMaria excels in working seamlessly within a team environment, fostering collaboration with clients, architects, engineers, trade consultants and suppliers. Our commitment to cooperation ensures that the planning phase is not just a process but a collective effort towards successful project delivery. 

Critical Decision-Making Support

The decisions made during pre-construction reverberate throughout the project lifecycle. DeMaria’s pre-construction services provide invaluable support in making critical decisions. Whether it’s determining project quality standards, providing accurate cost data, or establishing a realistic timeline, our team is equipped to guide you through these vital choices. 

Beyond Estimation

While estimating is a fundamental aspect of pre-construction, we go beyond the ordinary. We delve into the project’s spirit, ensuring every decision aligns with the overall vision and objectives. Adding to our commitment to precision, we leverage current, forecasted and historical cost data to refine estimates, providing nuanced insights shaped by a deep understanding of past projects. This approach enhances the accuracy of our projections and ensures that every decision made during this crucial phase is well-informed. 

Pre-Construction Services Offered

  • Project Needs Assessment
  • Budget Evaluation
  • Schedule Benchmarking 
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Contingency Development
  • Code Verification & Validation
  • Cost Modeling & Forecasting
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Bid Packaging
  • Design Assist 
  • Logistics Planning & Project Phasing
  • Schedule Support
  • BIM Coordination
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Trade Contractor Qualification
  • Labor Resource Planning
  • Sustainability Best Practices
  • Green Building Material Strategy