New Employee Mentorship Program

Our New Employee Mentorship Program is designed to provide a smooth transition for individuals joining our team. New employees are paired with experienced mentors who guide them through their onboarding process, helping them navigate our company culture, policies, and procedures. Mentors offer valuable insights, answer questions, and provide support to ensure that new hires feel welcome, empowered, and equipped to succeed in their roles. 

Career Path Coaching and Development

We believe in nurturing each employee’s potential and providing opportunities for continued growth throughout their career journey. Through personalized tri-annual meetings, employees receive guidance on setting and achieving professional goals, exploring new areas of interest, and gaining the skills needed to advance their careers. Our leadership and management teams works closely with participants to identify strengths and areas for development, creating tailored plans for continuous improvement.

Leadership Mentorship Program

Our Leadership Mentorship Program is tailored for emerging leaders within our organization who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills and advance their careers. Participants in this program are paired with seasoned leaders who serve as mentors, offering guidance, advice, and mentorship to help them develop their leadership capabilities. Through one-on-one meetings, coaching sessions, and professional development opportunities, mentees gain valuable insights and perspectives to excel in their roles and take on greater responsibilities within the company.

CLIMB Internship Program 

We take pride in promoting the growth of future leaders in the construction industry through our Construction Learning Initiative—Mentoring Beginners (CLIMB) Internship Program. This initiative is dedicated to recruiting and training college students and recent graduates in Construction Management, Engineering, and Architecture. The CLIMB Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to apply classroom learning to real-life construction experiences while gaining a heightened understanding of the workings of DeMaria.

Objectives of the CLIMB Internship Program

Embark on a construction journey with the DeMaria CLIMB Internship Program — not just an internship but a transformative experience that prepares you for a successful career in construction.  

Practical Exposure

Provide students with a hands-on learning experience, offering exposure to construction methods, planning, and both field and office operations. 

Comprehensive Industry Insight

Ensure students understand the end-to-end construction process, including general contracting, design/build, and construction management. Emphasize the collaborative team approach essential for successful construction projects. 

Active Participation

Engage students directly in the work, fostering a deep understanding of task interrelationships and encouraging interaction with various participants in the construction process. 

Pathway to a Rewarding Career

Create a streamlined process for the most talented students to transition into full-time roles at DeMaria upon graduation. This ensures a continuous influx of motivated, skilled candidates for future construction management positions within our company. 

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Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and invaluable professional connections that will help you achieve success in your future endeavors. Join the DeMaria CLIMB Internship Program today!