Our Core Values

Employees join DeMaria because they embrace our four core values: a positive attitude, relationship-focused, results-driven, and a commitment to quality. These values are conveyed to clients and partners through the work that each person does on behalf of DeMaria. Our high-quality, value-driven effort strengthens our business relationships and has clients and partners returning again and again to work with us.

Positive Attitude

Everyone at DeMaria chooses to have a positive attitude and take a “can do” approach to their work.


Our attention to relationships means we give customers personal service that goes above and beyond what our competitors provide.


We do whatever it takes to get a job done and we hold ourselves personally accountable for our work.

Commitment to Quality

We at DeMaria want to do a job right the first time and are devoted to continuous improvement.

Benefits That Extend Beyond 

We believe that a robust benefits package is more than just perksit’s a commitment to the well-being and growth of our team. That’s why our benefits package is not just a list; it’s a commitment to providing you with the resources and support you need to thrive both personally and professionally. 

Health and Wellness

  • Choose from multiple health insurance plans that provide comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.
  • Get individual dental coverage for no additional cost.
  • Access low or no cost vision insurance that’s easy to use.
  • Utilize our Employee Assistance Program for mental well-being, personal support, and additional support services.

Time Off, Your Way

  • Recharge with generous paid vacation days.
  • Stay well with paid sick time.
  • Celebrate life’s moments with paid holidays.

Financial Fitness

  • Invest in your future with our matching 401-K program.
  • Enjoy flexibility in managing your medical expenses with a flexible spending account.

Security and Peace of Mind

  • Safeguard your financial well-being with voluntary short and long-term disability plans.
  • Enhance your life coverage with our voluntary supplemental life insurance options.
  • Take advantage of paid time off for medical reasons, including surgery or hospital stays, which increases with years of service.

Volunteer Programs

DeMaria Community
  • Participate in our company-supported volunteer program, DeMaria in Action (DIA), which allows you to contribute to meaningful causes and make a difference in the community.
  • Benefit from our Paid Volunteer Time Off program, which allows you to use work hours to give back to the community without sacrificing your regular paid time off.

Career Development

We understand that our success is intricately tied to the passion, dedication, and relationships cultivated by our team. We offer genuine opportunities for growth and advancement, creating an environment where achievement is celebrated and camaraderie thrives. Whether you’re shaping projects on-site or contributing from the office, our shared standards of pride and professionalism make DeMaria a fulfilling and dynamic workplace. We provide:  

DeMaria Training Programs

Training Programs

Access to industry-leading training programs through reputable organizations such as Associated General Contractors (AGC), Construction Association of Michigan (CAM), FMI, and Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). 

De Maria Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Tailored learning opportunities that align with your specific interests, allowing you to explore, specialize, and excel in areas that fuel your passion within the construction industry. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We understand that diversity is not just a checkbox; it’s a bedrock of innovation, strength, and success. We are committed to fostering a workplace where individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together to create a dynamic and vibrant community. We also have a dedicated diversity team that meets regularly to discuss strategies, initiatives, and best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion. Here’s how we champion diversity: 


Embrace a workplace culture that values and respects individuals for who they are. 

Celebrate diversity as a source of strength, creativity, and innovation. 

Foster an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. 

Equal Opportunities

Provide equal opportunities for professional growth and advancement, irrespective of background. 

Ensure fair and unbiased recruitment and promotion processes. 

Encourage diverse talent to thrive in all areas of our organization. 

Diversity Training

Invest in ongoing diversity training to promote understanding, awareness, and inclusion. 

Equip our team with the tools to navigate and appreciate the richness of diverse perspectives. 

Community Engagement

Extend our commitment to diversity beyond our workplace into the communities we serve. 

Team with diverse suppliers, partners, and organizations to create an inclusive business ecosystem. 

At DeMaria, diversity is not just a policy; it’s an integral part of our identity. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to driving innovation, fostering creativity, and ensuring the continued success of our company.  

Current Openings

Join us in the journey of constructing not only remarkable structures but also a work environment that fosters camaraderie and offers limitless opportunities.