Green Building Practices

Our sustainable construction alliance transcends traditional boundaries. The commitment to green building is not just a practice; it’s a philosophy that echoes through our daily activities. As a proud member of the US Green Building Council, we actively champion environmental stewardship and bring an overarching approach to sustainability. 

Supporting Green Goals

Understanding that clients often have sustainability objectives woven into their project visions, DeMaria is a steadfast partner, aligning practices with green goals. Whether striving for LEED certification or pursuing environmentally conscious construction, sustainable solutions are integrated seamlessly into the fabric of each project. 

DeMaria Supporting Green

Going Beyond Compliance

Our commitment to sustainable construction goes beyond regulatory compliance. At DeMaria, we adhere to the highest standards, incorporating LEED construction practices that emphasize efficiency without compromising environmental responsibility. With a focus on sustainable waste management and energy efficiency, we elevate our dedication to environmentally conscious construction. Employing advanced project management tools and innovative construction techniques, we leverage technology to enhance project efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. 

Fostering Environmental Stewardship in Our Community 

DeMaria Sustainability Team

At DeMaria, our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the construction site. We recognize the profound impact businesses can have on their communities and the environment. To spearhead our environmental initiatives, we established the DeMaria Sustainability Team. Meeting monthly, this dedicated team actively engages in discussions, ongoing education, and the pursuit of innovative solutions to minimize our environmental footprint. 

At the Office

Our office spaces demonstrate our dedication to sustainable practices. Embracing initiatives to reduce resource consumption, we’ve made significant strides in transforming our offices into eco-friendly spaces. These efforts align with our goal to recycle and repurpose, showcasing our commitment to sustainable business practices. 

In Our Community

Beyond our day-to-day operations, we recognize the responsibility to contribute positively to our local community. DeMaria actively participates in community projects, volunteering time and resources to make a meaningful impact. Here are a few examples of our community engagement efforts: 

Friends of the Rouge

“Friends of the Rouge” Earth Day Tree Planting Event

In collaboration with DTE Energy, we joined forces with the local group “Friends of the Rouge” for their annual Earth Day tree planting event. Activities included removing invasive plant species, preparing areas along the Rouge River for native tree plantings, and actively participating in tree and shrubbery planting. 

Pollinator Garden

Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) Habitat Certification

Through collaboration with DTE Energy, DeMaria embraced the challenge presented by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). Our efforts led to constructing and certifying a half-acre pollinator garden, demonstrating our commitment to environmental preservation and earning our first official recertification through WHC in December 2022. 

Novi elementary school day

Novi Woods Elementary School Field Day

Teaming up with Novi Woods Elementary School, the City of Novi, DTE Energy, and “Bees in the D,” we hosted an educational field day event at our headquarters habitat. Students engaged in various activities, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship. 

Restoration Project with Michigan Department of Natural Resources

In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, our Sustainability Team undertook a crucial volunteer initiative. Focused on restoring an oak barrens ecosystem in the Island Lake Recreation Area, our team targeted removing harmful invasive species. Specifically, we worked diligently to eliminate black locusts and autumn olives—both invasive plants known to disrupt the balance of the ecosystem by crowding out native vegetation. 

Greening of Detroit Tree-Planting Event 

Our sustainability team joined the Greening of Detroit tree-planting event, working hands-on to contribute to the city’s green initiatives. This community-driven effort focuses on transforming Detroit into a more sustainable and vibrant city by planting trees, beautifying neighborhoods, and promoting greener lifestyles.