Project Description

A longtime need by the city of Novi, DeMaria was hired to renovate and improve the Department of Public Safety’s Field Complex including the addition of an indoor gun range, which will be used by Novi police and other agencies that rent the space. The DPS facility features include a 40,000 sf Pre-engineered metal building addition to the existing truck garage; 1,000 sf of interior renovations within the existing storage building, which houses the Parks and Recreation Department; a 1,200 sf wash bay to clean city vehicles, a 4,000 sf locker room upgrade allowing enough men’s and women’s bathrooms during all seasons so portable ones were not needed; and over 10,000 sf of interior office renovations. The scope of work for the gun range includes a 3,000 sf classroom addition to the existing police firing range.

The phasing and logistics plans were key to the award and success of the project, as DeMaria performed the renovations and additions while the owner’s operations remained in full operation. As part of the phasing, over 40 city employees were relocated to temporary offices while the existing office and garage spaces were completely renovated. Temporary parking spaces and a temporary entrance off of Lee Begole road were constructed to allow for the construction and owner operations to run smoothly during the entire phase of construction.

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $10.3M

MARKET: Government

OWNER: City of Novi

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners

General Contracting