The DeMaria Difference

Helping Clients Realize Their Vision

Our Passion

DeMaria is in the business of building relationships with clients, partners, and employees. Our methods are rooted in teamwork and collaboration. We believe that the ultimate key to our corporate success is the advancement of talented employees.

Family Values

As a family-owned business, DeMaria encourages a friendly, open door environment with approachable management who encourage communication throughout the company and with clients and partners. The company has many employees who have other family members working for DeMaria. This focus on communication and relationship building keeps every employee dedicated to the mission and values of DeMaria.

Core Procedures

We use core procedures—standardized project management documents—on all of our projects to ensure consistency and quality. Returning clients and partners appreciate that while the individual projects are always changing, our methodology remains the same. Our core procedures underline our reliability.

Personal Service

DeMaria’s reputation for personal service makes our company stand out in the building industry. We do not merely perform a service for our clients and partners; we work with them as a team and are equally invested in seeing a job done well. It is not enough to show up to work and do the minimum required—DeMaria employees believe in exceeding expectations.


Our self-perform skilled trades group, DSP Constructors, offers greater control of schedule, more concentrated expertise and uniform methods of quality assurance.

Core Values

Employees join DeMaria because they embrace our four core values: a positive attitude, relationship-focused, results-driven, and a commitment to quality. These values are conveyed to clients and partners through the work that each person does on behalf of DeMaria. Our high-quality, value-driven effort strengthens our business relationships and has clients and partners returning again and again to work with us.

Positive Attitude

Everyone at DeMaria chooses to have a positive attitude and take a “can do” approach to their work.


Our attention to relationships means we give customers personal service that goes above and beyond what our competitors provide.


We do whatever it takes to get a job done and we hold ourselves personally accountable for our work.

Commitment to Quality

We at DeMaria want to do a job right the first time and are devoted to continuous improvement.