Construction Learning Initiative—Mentoring Beginners

DeMaria grows the talent of its company through the recruitment and training of college students and recent graduates from four-year university programs in Construction Management, Engineering, or Architecture.

The DeMaria CLIMB Internship Program provides college undergraduates with an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real life construction experiences, while also gaining work knowledge and learning more about DeMaria.

Our CLIMB Internship Program has four primary objectives:

  1. Create a learning experience for students to gain exposure to construction methods, planning, and field and office operations;
  2. Ensure students experience the benefits of working for a modern, leading-edge construction company by gaining familiarity with the general contacting, design/build, and construction management process and understanding the team approach to a construction project;
  3. Provide students with a practical, hands-on experience that directly involves them in the work by having them understand relationships between various tasks and interact with participants in the construction process;
  4. Create a process for the most talented students to join DeMaria upon graduation, securing a continuous flow of motivated, skilled candidates for future construction management roles in our company.

To submit your resume or learn more about internships with DeMaria, contact Wendy Page, HR Manager, at

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