Education Education

Today’s young students are learning in an age of sensory overload and multimedia. Their expectations are fast-paced and rooted in multisensory instruction. Classrooms can be modeled to reflect different situations where the goal is to reach students using a variety of teaching strategies. DeMaria is accustomed to working with educators to build diverse learning environments. Whether providing new, expanded, or renovated educational facilities, DeMaria provides the technical expertise and resources needed.

Energy Energy

The need for clean, less expensive sources of energy has led to DeMaria’s specialized experience with the construction of facilities to support alternative energy efforts. Additionally, we have the expertise to upgrade local power plants, build new generating systems and help institutions put new energy saving practices into effect.

Government Government

Since 1972, DeMaria has been providing construction services to Local, State and Federal Agencies. We have established ourselves as leaders in Healthcare and Energy Construction with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the Army Corps of Engineers. We were among the First Prime Contractors to partner with our governmental clients, and we continue to build relationships with those we work with.

Health Care Health Care

Construction must never be a burden to patients and medical staff. Health professionals must feel confident that their facilities are kept clean, quiet and non-disruptive while being renovated or built on to. DeMaria goes the extra step to communicate work plans with all stakeholders so that the impact of construction on the daily routine of a hospital is minimized.

Industrial & Automotive Industrial & Automotive

Streamlined manufacturing processes, innovative technology and a renewed emphasis on styling and design have opened the marketplace to a diverse group of global competitors. Modern facilities must support this paradigm change. DeMaria’s industrial group is committed to this change and is focused on the construction of facilities that support manufacturing, R&D, product testing, energy, and administrative and support.

Multi-Housing & Hospitality Multi-Housing & Hospitality

Ranging from new developments to urban renovations, all Multi-Housing and Hospitality construction efforts are focused on building spaces where people feel at home. Construction is always driven by a schedule focused on building occupancy, leasing efforts, and marketing for new residential and hospitality spaces. DeMaria’s technical expertise helps maintain a safe environment throughout multi-phased construction plans and when working in occupied spaces. Ensuring all residents and guests of a new development experience an increased quality of life and have access to top of the line amenities is critical from the moment the building is occupied. DeMaria has the resources to provide a range of services when working on a new development or urban renovation project.

Tenant Improvement Tenant Improvement

Change has become a constant force. As organizations grow, sometimes it is better to retrofit existing space or build out space within a “shelled” building rather than constructing a new facility.

Transportation Transportation

DeMaria’s experience in the transportation market dates back to 1981 when we built a new terminal for the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority for a fleet of 60+ buses. A few years later, DeMaria built the Air Traffic Control Tower and adjacent two-story Tracon Building for the Federal Aviation Administration in Romulus. The 230 foot tower was the tallest of its kind in the Midwest when originally built. Since then, our experience has expanded after building relationships with the Detroit Department of Transportation, Blue Water Area Transit, and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Our most recent and significant project from this market is the Rosa Parks Transit Center- a signature civil landmark and economic anchor that paves the way for a new age transit and literally casts the city in glowing light.

Water and Wastewater Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater facilities are a core specialty of DeMaria. With close to 40 years’ experience, DeMaria offers local communities sustainable long-term benefits that incorporate emerging technology supporting wastewater and sewerage treatment.