Delivery Systems

One solution does not exist for all owners’ needs. Scope, budget, and timeline are variables that determine which delivery method is best suited for each project. Flexibility is fundamental. DeMaria can deliver projects within a variety of proven means and methods.


The design/build delivery system expedites construction by putting two often separate tasks—design and construction—under one management team. Clients experience a significant reduction in cost, mistakes, miscommunication, and schedule overruns. We have built many long-term relationships with architects, engineers, and vendors, making DeMaria the clear choice for clients’ design/build projects.

Construction Management

DeMaria has decades of experience taking the reigns of a project for a client and coordinating the entire endeavor, from design to occupancy. We plan each step of the process, work closely with the architect during the design phase to minimize surprises in the field, and make sure construction deadlines are met. If we have not exceeded a client’s expectations, we have not done our job.

Program Management

DeMaria’s track record in program management speaks for itself. We have the expertise and experience in many markets to confidently oversee the development and execution of a client’s vision. Whether to achieve coherent structural outcomes or save money on scale, clients seek out DeMaria’s program management knowing that our staff and subcontractors will provide consistent quality and reliability.

General Contracting

From pouring the concrete to applying for permits to managing payments, we orchestrate the team that brings our clients’ ideas into reality. Once work begins, clients rely on the experience, management, and communication of their general contractor to keep a project going. DeMaria provides all staff necessary, including hiring subcontractors. We like to work with architects before construction starts to minimize changes in the field, which can lead to cost overruns and schedule delays.