Project Description

DeMaria completed a new state-of-the-art intraoperative MRI (iMRI) project located at Henry Ford Hospital’s Detroit campus that is the first of it’s kind in Michigan. It is located directly in the center of the OR Department, surrounded by active OR’s, and will be utilized in conjunction with a neurology OR to perform groundbreaking procedures. This room offers the hospital an exclusive patient treatment option that no other hospital in the state can offer at this time.

In 2008, Henry Ford approached DeMaria with a challenge of how to install a new 1.5T MRI on the fourth floor. This challenge was unique because there were no possible options of delivering the MRI through the Hospital’s elevator and corridor system. DeMaria developed a plan that utilized a unique roof opening for the installment and also incorporated new space for an additional OR.

The iMRI was designed to an OR standard and includes custom OR ceilings, floors, and wall finishes— which, when combined with an MRI, generates a great amount of noise level. The IMEDCO silent shield design and room shielding system helped reduce the noise level tremendously. In addition to addressing the noise, the room’s mechanical and electrical requirements for the iMRI were upgraded, requiring a dedicated circuit, fed from the basement of the hospital. Maximum coordination efforts and adherence to infectious control policies were extremely critical during this project.

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $800,000

MARKET: Health Care

OWNER: Henry Ford Health System

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: Harley Ellis Devereaux

Construction Management