Project Description

In order to strengthen its public works infrastructure, eight downriver communities in southeast Michigan came together to fund construction of a new, $12,000,000, six million gallon capacity, below grade Flow Equalization Basin. Its purpose – to collect and reprocess excess rain and flood water. Twenty-four (24) acres of rough terrain was cleared during a brutal winter season to clear way for excavation and formation of the foundations. A massive amount of poured-in-place concrete created twelve (12) individual cells that formed the entire basin. Scheduling intensive, DeMaria devised a precise system for the delivery of materials and pouring of all concrete. Weekly communication to all stakeholders served to coordinate all efforts.

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $12,000,000

MARKET: Government

OWNER: South Huron Valley Utility Authority

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: Hubell Roth & Clark, Inc.

General Contracting