Project Description

DeMaria renovated the Yes Academy Middle and High School, which included the restoration and renovation of the 80,000 square foot Winship Middle School, a former Detroit Public School building.  Our team transformed the old building into a beautiful school featuring a cafeteria and kitchen, 33 classrooms, a music room, a gymnasium with locker rooms, science labs, and a new art room. The scope also included building a new addition to the entrance , demolishing the existing boiler house and annex building, and installing a new irrigation and landscaping system.  The project was completed in less than eight months– just in time for classes to begin.

The school opened in September 2010 for 128 middle school students and will have a final enrollment of about 800 middle and high school students.

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $4,500,000.00

MARKET: Education

OWNER: New Urban Learning


General Contracting