Project Description

DeMaria was hired by the Department of Veteran Affairs to design and build a biomass cogeneration facility to lower their dependency on the existing oil fired boilers at the Togus VAMC.

This facility also includes a steam powered turbine and absorption chiller to further utilize this renewable energy source. The new building was constructed adjacent to the existing boiler plant to house the cogeneration equipment and store wood chips.

Due to poor soil conditions, concrete-filled steel piles were required to support the load of the new building. The exterior construction of the new building consists of brick, insulated metal panels, and full-height windows.

Key system components include:

  • D type, high pressure, water tube boiler cable of producing steam at 25,000 lbs/hr, 10.623 mmBTU/hr B-800 series gasifier
  • Steam turbine electric generator capable of producing 750 kw/hr
  • 500 ton steam absorption chiller which will act as the primary chiller reducing the existing electric chillers’ load
  • 1,600 gpm cooling tower
  • Multi-cyclone dust collector
  • Feedwater economizer
  • Electro-static precipitator
  • Induced draft fan
  • Wood chip supply conveyors
  • Ash removal conveyors

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $14,380,000.00

OWNER: Department of Veterans Affairs