Project Description

Serving the greater Port Huron area, the 120,000 sf Bus Transit Terminal Building is four times larger than the original and serves a larger population through expanded service and consolidation of local transit agencies.

The placement of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling components, safety control systems, fuel manufacturing equipment, and underground distribution piping was a significant part of DeMaria’s scope. The Commission has the largest fleet of CNG buses in Michigan, an alternative fuel cleaner and cheaper than diesel. All of their CNG buses are fueled with compressed natural gas which is manufactured on site.

As a Brownfield Redevelopment project, the $14,700,000 Terminal stands as a gem within an industrial area of Port Huron. To get it to that point, DeMaria was challenged with improving difficult site conditions without driving up the cost. Large foundations dating back to WWII, when a brass factory once occupied the site, peppered the site in numerous locations making it difficult to set new foundations and run underground utilities.

DeMaria performed exploratory digs and worked with architects URS to find optimal locations for new caisson foundations to be set and utility lines to run. In the end, the Bus Terminal Building was a zero accident project built in nine short months. The budget was managed effectively so that cost did not exceed available funds. The building itself now serves as a testament to energy conservation and a commitment to public transportation.

Project Highlights

BUDGET: 14,700,000

OWNER: Blue Water Area Transit