Project Description

DeMaria completed the Development Lab & Vehicle Workshop for TI Fluid Systems in Auburn Hills, MI. The project consisted of two main components, a Polymer Development/Laser Lab and an Advanced Product Lab.

The scope of the Polymer Development/Laser Lab included demolition of the existing gym area with men’s and women’s showers and locker rooms; demolition of all walls, ceilings, and mechanical and electrical systems serving the area; as well as saw-cutting and capping underground plumbing. New work included:

  • New drywall partitions and finishes
  • Glazing, including protective glass for the welding room observation window
  • High-performance epoxy flooring throughout the space
  • Fume hood ventilation for laser welding room
  • New laboratory-grade stainless steel sink tub and associated plumbing
  • New two-ton mini-split heating and cooling system
  • New energy-efficient LED lighting throughout
  • Compressed air to workstations
  • New lab equipment
  • Relocation of existing laser lab equipment

The scope of the Advanced Product Lab included:

  • Demolition of opening for new window
  • Demolition masonry and patch for a new hollow metal door on the exterior wall.
  • Supply and install new 3’x7’ brushed aluminum door and frames with security glass and hardware
  • Supply and install new 3’x7’ exterior hollow metal door in the outside wall.
  • Paint walls, ceiling, and doors
  • New high-performance epoxy floor coating
  • Demolition of existing lighting and circuits
  • Provide and install high bay lights in the garage area
  • Lighting sensors and nighttime low-lighting

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $222,000

OWNER: TI Fluid Systems