Project Description

DeMaria and URS were retained by the Detroit Wastewater Partners to provide professional engineering services and construction engineering assistance for a new scum concentration facility and the reconstruction of 7 existing scum buildings. This project includes refurbishing the existing Scum Incinerator Building incorporating new equipment for scum concentration and an off-loading facility for the concentrated scum. URS re-designed the entire interior space of the 3-story incinerator building to accommodate 3 new scum concentrators and the excess floor space was renovated and made available to DWSD for other beneficial uses for their maintenance staff. This design provided easier operation and maintenance and a better working environment for the DWSD staff. Also, the seven scum buildings associated with the collection of scum from twelve primary clarifiers were removed and replaced with new brick masonry buildings.

The project included major renovations and rehabilitation to the site, structural, electrical, mechanical, utilities, HVAC system, and other related improvements for the incinerator building and the 7 scum buildings.


Project Highlights

BUDGET: 11,000,000

MARKET: Government

OWNER: Detroit Water and Sewerage Department


General Contracting