Project Description

DeMaria is currently working on the Infrastructure Upgrades and Henry Ford Hospital.  The project includes a comprehensive central utility upgrade over 5 years including Powerhouse Expansion including 2 –2,000 and 1- 2,700 ton chillers, 3 – 70,000 pound/hour boilers and multiple generators including 2- 2,000 KW units.  It also involves steam and chilled water distribution to various buildings on campus, which includes routing of underground utility lines around unknown obstacles and routing lines through the existing hospital while keeping current hospital operations functioning.  The project is phased over a period of years to facilitate funding.

Highlights Include:

Demolition in existing mechanical rooms while keeping hospital operations functioning

Coordination of construction activities to keep hospital in full operation

Underground excavation around hospital campus in areas of unknown existing utilities

Construction of an infrastructure plant in a tight work site while maintaining hospital operations

Re-work of utilities in existing mechanical rooms

Abatement of hazardous materials in existing utility rooms

Coordination and constant communication with Hospital staff


Project Highlights

BUDGET: $40,000,000

OWNER: Henry Ford Health System

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: Harley Ellis Devereaux

Construction Management