Project Description

DeMaria recently renovated 17,000 sf of the Angell Hall Computing Site, located within the Mason Hall Building.  Commonly referred to as the “Fishbowl,” this is the largest computing site on University of Michigan’s Central Campus.

Scope of Work Included:

Demolition of the existing computing stations along with removal of existing masonry, metal stud, and glass walls

Construction of new metal stud / drywall partitions

Pouring of new concrete floors and stairs along with a radius walkway and raised oval work station

Complete architectural finishes including new terrazzo flooring, carpeting, painting, wall covering, decorative etched glass storefront system, acoustic ceilings, along with installation of a solar film on the 92 skylights above the computing site

Removal of 4 existing skylights for installation of new air relief louvers as part of the HVAC system upgrades

Installation of computer access floor which also acts as a supply air plenum which is part of the displacement air system

Custom reclaimed wood millwork including the lighted feature wall and raised oval work station

New electrical lighting and power including 2 new electrical panels, fiber optic accent lighting and LED feature wall lighting

Project Highlights

BUDGET: $2,200,000

MARKET: Education

OWNER: University of Michigan

ENGINEER/ARCHITECT: University of Michigan

General Contracting