What Safety Means at DeMaria

Our mission is to ensure that, each day, everyone goes home to their families in the same way as when they arrived.  DeMaria is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, subcontractor employees, as well as all visitors and guests on our projects.

Safety Is Quality

We have adopted a proactive and aggressive approach to project safety and accident prevention, and utilize training, planning, communication, management, and inspection as a part of DeMaria’s “Safety Before Production” program. Safety will not be sacrificed for production, and is instead an integral part of quality control, cost reduction, and job efficiency.

People Promote Safety

We recognize that policies do not ensure a safe work environment – people do. We have worked hard to instill the value among our employees and subcontractors that Safety Before Production is first in all we do. DeMaria strives to protect all employees from unsafe work conditions and practices on the job site.

People First

Our employees are considered the most fundamental asset of our operations. Their safety is considered first when planning construction activities. Any worker who observes an unsafe condition that may pose a threat to health or safety is expected to correct the situation when feasible and inform management to guarantee that all workers on the job site are unharmed when they leave at the end of the day.

Planning for Safety

It is always better to prepare and prevent, than to repair and repent. Pre-planning, logistics, and coordination are crucial to employee and project safety. Planning does not stop at the pre-planning stage, but is a continuous process of assessment and evaluation. When changes occur or new hazards are identified during the course of a project, work is suspended while the plan is revised for the safety of all.

Practical Measures

All subcontractors must submit for review a site-specific safety plan that anticipates and eliminates potential hazards before work begins, and they must know in advance what measures will be taken to eliminate hazards or adequately control the anticipated risks to our project team.

All employees and subcontractor workers must complete the Job Site Safety Orientation prior to beginning work at the project site.

Safe Workers Is Our Goal

DeMaria’s project goal is ZERO accidents or incidents, ZERO injuries, and ZERO citations. Work tasks are designed to minimize or eliminate hazards to personnel, processes, equipment, and the general public. No worker should ever perform a task that may endanger their own safety and health or that of others.