Diesel Dynamometer Lab. Ford Motor Company

"In terms of project management, I would rate DeMaria very high. We at Ford have made many changes to the project along the way and DeMaria has adapted very well. Ford also has not done especially well in defining roles and responsibilities on this project and here again DeMaria has adapted well to this situation."

Project Details

The testing of diesel fuel engines is a new direction for the Research & Engineering facility at Ford Motor Company.  DeMaria was hired as Program Manager to direct the upgrade and conversion of existing test fuel cells to accommodate diesel engines and the supply of diesel fuel.  The project was completed in three phases.

DeMaria also provided constructability reviews and helped resolve technical design and construction issues. Additionally, each bid pack was managed and prepared by DeMaria, as was selection of general contractors to implement construction.  DeMaria was also involved with coordinating and scheduling owner contracts with equipment suppliers.