DeMaria’s Response to COVID-19



As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have ripple effects across our world, the health and safety of DeMaria’s employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and family members is our top priority.

DeMaria is acting to promote safety and to position our company to deliver safe, reliable services before, during and after a potential coronavirus outbreak in Michigan.

We maintain a companywide plan to preserve our ability to deliver safe, reliable services to our customers during a widespread illness.

We’re monitoring COVID-19 trends and coordinating our actions with peer companies and local health partners. We’ve taken the following actions, some of which you may consider implementing at your own company:

  • DeMaria Leadership performs a daily COVID-19 huddle.
  • To prevent the spread and reduce risk of COVID-19 to employees, visitors, and subcontractors, we will soon be requiring additional screening of all visitors and subcontractors prior to entry into our DeMaria offices and project sites.
    • Visitors and subcontractors entering DeMaria offices and project sites will be required to complete a questionnaire regarding potential COVID-19 exposure. If any questions are answered “yes,” access will be denied, and the visitor or subcontractor will be asked to reschedule or make other arrangements.
  • We have decided to join many other organizations in banning all non-essential business air travel until May 1.
    • We are also asking employees to consider limiting personal travel to areas with known COVID-19 infections and to alert their leaders if they or anyone in their household has traveled to a CDC Level 2 or Level 3 country in the last 14 days.
  • We have secured additional non-pharmacy supplies/PPE: personal hand sanitizers for field workers; increased hand sanitizer stations at all DeMaria offices and project sites.
  • We’re increasing the scope and frequency of cleaning efforts at our offices and project sites.
  • We have provided multiple communications to our employees sharing information about our Pandemic Emergency Operations Plan; the importance of reporting illnesses; good hygiene practices.
  • Certain project sites may require employees, visitors and subcontractors to follow additional customer site rules and regulations.


Guidance for Suppliers and Subcontractors –

We want to work closely with you to ensure safe, reliable service for our customers. To that end, we are asking you to take the following actions:

  • Inform us immediately about any potential disruption of the goods or services you are providing to DeMaria.
  • Tell your staff to consider using technology (text, email, conference calls, and videoconferencing) instead of traditional face to face meetings to communicate with DeMaria.
  • If you have staff that comes into regular contact with DeMaria employees, please tell these staff members to stay home if they are ill.
  • Please share your coronavirus response and contingency plans with DeMaria.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here to view the DeMaria COVID-19 Visitor and Subcontractor Questionnaire

With the rise of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we at DeMaria are taking increased measures to protect the health and safety of our employees while maintaining business continuity in service to you, our clients and partners.