DeMaria has been hired to complete two window replacement projects on MSU’s East Lansing Campus at the Music Practice Building and Cowles House.

Originally constructed in 1968, the Music Practice Building will receive the replacement of windows and window treatments, along with all associated repairs. There are approximately 250 windows within the 7,000 square feet curtain wall system. The new windows will ultimately reduce the stress and maintenance costs of the instruments within the building and will provide much needed insulation and environmental protection.

Cowles House is a historic building on campus dating back to the 1800’s.  The University President used to live in this house; now it is utilized for special events and parties. The project scope includes the abatement and removal of 33 window units and installation of new windows, wood trim-work, and paint.  A tremendous amount of care will be taken to preserve the existing conditions of the house.

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