Genevieve Fisk Loranger Architectural Center. University of Detroit Mercy

"UDM was very pleased with the performance of DeMaria. We thought the team was exceptional."

Project Details

The University of Detroit Mercy has one of the most prominent schools of architecture in Michigan. In 2003 the Architecture Building received a series of renovations enabling it to reflect a more progressive image.

The Genevieve Fisk Loranger Architectural Center, built by DeMaria, resides within the central core of the building. The Center features new exhibition space, enclosed critique space, informal critique space, and a student lounge where students may work on their laptops or host team meetings.

Project Highlights:

  • Demolition of a central area within an occupied student building
  • Installation of high end architectural finishes
  • New lighting
  • New ductwork
  • Digital projection and sound system
  • Movable panel walls for exhibiting designs
  • Stainless steel walls enclosing crit space
  • Decorative stainless steel panels
  • Poly resin floor
  • Advanced digital projection and sound system funded in part by a grant through the Kellogg Foundation