For the past 8 years, DeMaria has traveled to Michigan State University to share experience and knowledge with Professor Mohamed El-Gafy’s Senior Level Estimating students. MSU welcomed Vice President of Estimating Mike Joseph and members of our estimating department this fall to present a one day lecture on the estimating/bid day process and lead a mock estimate activity.  In groups of 8-10, students participated in a mock estimate. Each group was responsible to put together a bid based on a project they had been studying in class. Through our best efforts to mimic the conditions of a bid day, mock sub quotes were shared sporadically and the groups were expected to deliver their bids to a specified location by a specific time. We reviewed the submitted bids and declared a winner!

The lecture is meant to share real world experience with the students and give them a look into the bid day experience of reviewing, analyzing, and team work involved when submitting a bid.

The last two years, DeMaria has also presented a Project Risk Analysis presentation to the same Senior Level Estimating Class. Vice President of Estimating, Mike Joseph, and Chief Financial Officer, Rick Flynn, discuss project financial risks and methods used to minimize risks in the estimating and construction process. The one day lecture touches on all areas from pre-qualification of subs to project Go- No Go evaluation, to insurance and sub bonding.

DeMaria is thankful of Professor Mohamed El-Gafy’s openness to allow our team to work with his classes.  Employing over 13 MSU graduates, DeMaria enjoys investing the time with the University and interacting with their students!


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