Virtual and Augmented Reality

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most important advances in building design and construction. BIM is changing the way project teams work together and projects are delivered. DeMaria employs a BIM manager, whose responsibility is to oversee BIM processes and procedures on all projects that involve aspects of BIM.

Using the most current technology, internal resources, and consultants, we are able to generate models to assist design, determine constructability, and ease operation of a building project by linking models with a database of project information. BIM is capable of producing a single model from which any drawing or detail can be extracted.

Our BIM Services

  • Pre-construction
  • Visualization
  • Logistics planning
  • Self-perform documents
  • 4D (scheduling)
  • MEP
  • As-built drawings


Project Implementation

Coordination is a team sport. Each participant relies on the deliverables of other team members. If one person is late or underperforming, it can affect the quality of coordination for the whole team. Using BIM for 3D coordination of MEP systems provides significant value in quality and efficiency when a team functions well.

We do the following to ensure that a project’s BIM coordination runs smoothly and is a benefit to all participants:

  • Communicate BIM coordination requirements through the use of a BIM Execution Plan;
  • Outline a coordination schedule based on project-specific complexity;
  • Create a Level of Detail (LOD) plan;
  • Assess the skills and experience of various participants;
  • Effectively kick-off coordination so expectations can be managed and questions answered;
  • Efficiently manage on-going coordination using our proven best practices;
  • Accurately measure progress and issues.