On June 13th 2016, DeMaria celebrated the retirement of Jack Keelan. Jack dedicated the last 44 years to our company and we are thankful for his continued hard work. Rick DeMaria recalled the day he hired Jack back in 1972 and stated “Whenever Jack was running a job, we always knew it would be a quality job and the owner would be happy.” Congratulations Jack! Best wishes for a happy retirement!

Above: Tony DeMaria, Rick DeMaria, Jack Keelan, and Joe DeMaria

Jack Retires 2

Above: Jack Keelan passes to torch of longest tenured employee to our Office Manager, Cheryl Smith.

Jack Retires 3

Above: Dave Nitz, Kevin Ary, Jeff Dziadzio, Jack Keelan, Frank Arnone, Bill Henrich, and Nate Johnson.

Jack Retires 4

Above: Jack Keelan and Darren Murray

Jack Retires 5

Above: Frank Kersanty, Jack Keelan, and Cheryl Smith

Jack Retires 6

Above: Micky Keelan, Jack Keelan, and Rick DeMaria

Jack Retires 7

Above: Bill Henrich, Jack Keelan, and Eric Winquist

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